Software services for video suppliers

software with various video control functions!

- PC

- Mobile

- Web

- Clouds/Servers

- TV

Complete Middleware Management

CrocOTT is a complete OTT / IPTV middleware for delivering TV, VOD, Catchup, DVR and interactive service to customers in any IP-based network

OTT / IPTV players

Deliver video to viewers an any device, while benefiting from visibility across the workflow. Plays on:

- Android

- Android TV

- IPhone

- IPad

- Apple TV

- Samsung SMART TV

- Fire TV

- LG

- Roku

Custom development

Tailored software development for your video and audio projects.
Transform your vision into reality:

- Custom design

- Custom layouts

- Custom admin panel

- Custom SDK

- Server deployment,
configuration, and administrationn


Analyse and keep your video data safe

For business:

- Video analytics

- Facial recognition

- People counter

- Access control

For home:

- Kids control

- Pets control

- Housekeepers control

- Safe control


Cameras hooked up to your White labled apps

Watch the video feed in real time

View the video archive

Recive push notifications

Accessiable from any device

Share the video via messengers

Storing data in the cloud

Computer vision

Software for Smart Cities and Digital Goverments

- Face recognition

- Car recognition

- Crime detection in real time

- Epidemic control


Build conversation into your app

Give interactive voice and video powered by the only global network dedicated to real time engagment

Our partners

Customer reviews

Broadcast gaming network


FastoCloud has truly excelled in developing our backend for streaming and game monetization. Their expertise in this area has revolutionized our business, optimizing revenue streams and enhancing the user experience. Exceptional work and a fantastic partnership!


We couldn't be happier with the exceptional service provided by FastoCloud. They seamlessly restreamed content from diverse streams (Multicast, SRT, HLS, RTMP), and their expertise in developing mosaics for our streams has truly elevated our broadcast quality. Thanks to their innovative solutions, our viewers enjoy a superior streaming experience.

Aligned code

Project Manager

Collaborating with FastoCloud in the co-development of Middleware for IPTV/OTT has been outstanding. Their commitment, technical expertise, and teamwork have produced a resilient, user-centric solution. We're extremely pleased with the outcomes - a truly transformative addition to our services!


Head of VSS

We've been working with FastoCloud for many years. Our collaboration has been steadfast! We place our trust in their software development expertise and technical acumen.



We are thrilled with the IPTV players developed by FastoCloud! Their team not only delivered a player with a stunning custom design but also ensured it's user-friendly and packed with features. It's a game-changer for our viewers, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome.



FastoCloud has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in the development of our IPTV middleware. Their work is great, and our partnership has been nothing short of fantastic!