Streaming Trends 2024: Exploring Key Trends in Streaming such as AI for Content Creation and Personalization, and New OTT Monetization Models image news

In 2024, the streaming industry continues to evolve at an incredible pace, bringing innovations and new approaches to content creation and distribution. The main trends of this year include the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for content creation and personalization, as well as new monetization models for over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

- Artificial Intelligence in Streaming

Artificial intelligence plays a key role in personalizing the user experience. AI analyzes viewer preferences and behavior to offer content that best matches their interests. Additionally, AI is used to create content, such as music, videos, and even entire films, opening new horizons for creativity and experimentation.

- New Monetization Models

Monetizing content remains one of the main challenges for streaming services. One such model includes advertising inserts in streaming services. Advertising algorithms, also enhanced by AI, analyze user data and show them relevant advertisements, enhancing advertising efficiency and bringing additional revenue to the services.

Additionally, in some countries, subscription models with content division at the episode or individual program level are actively developing. This allows users to pay only for what they actually watch, which can be particularly appealing to those who do not wish to pay for access to all content in its entirety.

- Big Streaming Services with Plans That Include Ads:

Netflix: They have a new “Basic with Ads” plan that costs less but has ads during shows. This is a good deal because it lets you watch lots of Netflix shows for a lower price.

Disney+: It got popular really fast and keeps getting more users around the world. It now offers a cheaper plan with ads, which is great for people who want to save money on streaming.

Hulu, Discovery+, Paramount+, and HBO Max: These services also have cheaper plans with ads. This change shows that the streaming industry is trying to offer prices that work for everyone’s budget and watching habits.

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