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In the ever-changing world of streaming solutions, FastoCloud has found its place. Starting as a small startup and later guided by smart strategies, expertise, and customer needs, FastoCloud has become a reliable partner for hundreds of companies worldwide in the industry. Let’s dive into this story of growth, ups and downs, and success.

Early Days and Evolution of FastoCloud:

Meet Alex Topilski, the founder and CTO of FastoCloud. A talented engineer and coder, Alex graduated from Polotsk State University. After a career spanning over 10 years in the software industry as an adept C/C++ developer, he conceptualized and founded FastoCloud.

With humble beginnings in 2019, the first version, FastoCloud Media, was launched on Flask. Although a basic service that could only restream/transcode, it gained a promising following with its open-source nature.

September 2019 brought a significant turning point. With the shutdown of Xtream Codes, the demand for IPTV solutions greatly increased. Alex quickly realized this opportunity and made a smart move, which resulted in the growth of a Discord community and the launch of FastoCloud PRO.

2020 was transformative. After migrating the project to GitLab, Alex expanded the team. Vadim, a Senior Flutter Developer, joined to focus on player development and the Flutter panel. This year also marked FastoCloud’s entry into computer vision and video effects. This was highlighted by their collaborations with the industry titan, Nvidia Deepstream, and Nvidia Maxine, showcasing their commitment to innovation.

In 2022, FastoCloud went through another major update. The company pivoted from Python to Go for its panels, initiated collaborations with OTTRun/XCIPTV, and launched CrocOTT. This not only diversified their product suite but also cemented their market presence. Simultaneously, there was progress in the development of Media Modules for computer vision and CCTV.

In 2023, numerous optimizations were implemented, making the players more stable and initiating new collaborative projects with clients and partners. Load balancers and CDNs were also developed, gradually integrating and growing alongside FastoCloud solutions.

The Power of Teamwork:

FastoCloud’s evolutions weren’t just a result of top-level strategy; they were a collective effort of a dedicated team. Besides Alex and Vadim, the team grew to include talented coders and developers, each specializing in different aspects of the products, from backend optimization to user interface design. Their synergy transformed abstract ideas into complete, effective products, ensuring that FastoCloud remained at the forefront of technological innovation.

The Business Strategist Enters:

Meet Ksenia, Business Development Officer. Enter Ksenia in September 2022. With an ambitious goal of company expansion, she orchestrated FastoCloud’s establishment in Poland by January 2023.

During Ksenia’s initial months, she focused on learning and improving. The creation of the CrocOTT website, although not perfect at the beginning, got things started. During this period, there were important changes, including improved product positioning, organized sales efforts, and a clearer brand vision.

In Spring 2023, FastoCloud increased its branding efforts. They hired a designer and created a detailed business proposal to give their products a distinct identity. During the summer, they added a marketing expert and partnered with a marketing agency to automate tasks and expand their reach.

FastoCloud By The Numbers:

  • 300+ unique subscriptions
  • 40+ lifetime media server and CrocOTT licenses
  • 100+ countries worldwide
  • Hundreds of hours of custom development

The Product Portfolio:

  • CrocOTT: Ultimate white-label players for IPTV/OTT
  • FastoWebRTC: Ultra low latency streaming
  • FastoWatch: Video surveillance and computer vision
  • FastoCloud PRO: Complete, feature-rich streaming solution
  • Customized software solutions for video and audio delivery and unique viewer experience

Future Plans:

As passionate professionals, we at FastoCloud are dedicated to achieving growth and success in the streaming solutions industry. As part of our growth strategy, we are also diving into the development of products for CCTV, Computer Vision, and Video Analytics. Our plans include expanding our marketing and sales teams, proactively engaging in global industry events, and obtaining investments to boost the development of CrocOTT. But the main goal remains the same: to provide companies worldwide with best-in-class solutions and help them grow and make money.

Reach out to our team to discover how FastoCloud can boost your business operations.

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